Culminating Activity

For a culminating activity, I had the students split up into groups of three or four students.  Each group had to then create a poster and power point for one of the lessons my partner and I had taught in the previous week.  On the last day of the unit, the students presented their work at a science fair for several other classes. 

The children planned how to present their posters

These are the final posters the children created for the science fair.  The first poster was created by me and my partner to provide a model for the students.  (Click on images to enlarge)

ms.h-ms.m poster.JPG (67561 bytes)

aurora borealis poster.JPG (68973 bytes)

electromagnet poster.JPG (68339 bytes)

iron filings poster.JPG (67963 bytes)

magnetic pull poster.JPG (65858 bytes)

What items are magnetic & laws of polarity poster 

Aurora Borealis poster

Electromagnet poster

Iron filings poster

Through what items can a magnet attract? poster

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