Southeast Region
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Example of student work from this lesson.

Lesson Plan

Title:  The Southeast Region (First lesson in the mini-unit)

Name:  Nikki Bianca

Team Teacher:  Mike Delasondro

Cooperating Teacher:  Miss Sanders

Description:    This lesson plan was designed to familiarize the students with attributes unique to the southeast region.  The students will be participating in singing and writing lyrics to a song which will be completed in class.  Resources, landforms, types of music, and the states included in the southeast region will be presented and discussed.  This lesson plan is the first in a three part mini-unit which was created by Mike Delasondro and myself. 

Rationale:  Knowing some common characteristics and what states belong to the southeast region will enable children to understand that they are part of a national community.  If they understand this, they can understand the importance and consequences of conservation or the effects of flood and drought on crops helping them gain a global perspective.  The use of music in this lesson will give children the opportunity to hear diverse sounds from different cultures.


§                     Students will recognize the states included in the southeast region when looking at a map.

§                     Students will explore their text for information on the southeast region.

§                     Students will create and sing the lyrics to the southeast region song.

Hook:  Outline the southeast region on a map in the front of the classroom.  Ask students to take out a piece of paper and write down the first thing that comes to their minds when they think of the southeast region.  Tell them the first thing that you think of is music. 

Materials:  Pencil, paper, map of the United States with the southeast region outlined, Lyric to Southeast Region song, guitar (any musical instrument), social studies textbook, CD player, the ‘southeast region’ CD.

Activities and Procedures:

1.         Give students background information about the music that originated in the southeast region (blues, bluegrass, country, Cajun, New Orleans funk, Memphis soul).  Relate this music to current music trends. 

2.         Use the Southeast Music CD and play examples of each style of music on the CD player.

3.         Ask students for feedback.  Which style of music do they like the most?

4.         Ask students to think of other things that are important about a region (resources, landforms and states that are included).

5.         Read aloud the section on the southeast region.

6.         Ask students to list the states included in the southeast region.  List them on the board in alphabetical order.  Play the first part of the song (the names of states).

7.         Pass out ‘Lyrics’ worksheet.  Ask students to fill in the names of the states.

8.         Ask students to define ‘landforms’.  Ask students to give examples of landforms found in that region.  List them on the board and tell students to fill in their lyrics  worksheet.  Play the second part of the song (landforms).

9.         Ask students to define ‘resources’.  Ask students to give examples of resources found in that region.  List them on the board and tell students to fill in their lyrics  worksheets.  Play the third part of the song (resources).

10.       Play the song a few times so the children become familiar with it.

Closure:  Ask students to make improvements to the song for homework.  What other lyrics

could they add using the information in the text?  Do they want to use a different style (rap, r&b,



§                     Students will recite the names of states in the southeast region.

§                     Students will use their text as a resource for information about the southeast region.

§                     Students will fill in all blank spaces on the “lyrics worksheet” correctly.

§                     Students will be active participants in singing the ‘southeast region song’.

§                     Students will bring in modified version of the ‘southeast region song’.