"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." - John Cotton Dana

Reflections On My Student Teaching Experience


Teaching is the most rewarding and challenging task I have ever chosen to do. Throughout my student teaching, I have found that my efforts to create exciting and engaging instruction are useless unless I can read my students well, and I am able to adjust to their needs. Often as I wrote my lessons, I would plan for my students to grasp a concept within a certain amount of time, and I would be incorrect. It has happened that what I expected them to take a class period to learn only took 20 minutes. In addition, there were times when I planned 20 minutes for an activity, and it ended up taking a few class periods. These mistakes will happen because teachers are human. Though we do our best to plan for our students, we will not always be correct. It is especially important that I, as a new, inexperienced teacher, am ready to adapt to my students learning. As I gain more experience, I will be able to plan correctly more often, but I will never be perfect.

In addition, my student teaching experiences have also taught me importance of evaluation and reflection as a teacher throughout each day.  Often, the reflection and evaluation I did happened on the spot. I would have to evaluate my student's moods, attention span, and ability to participate and answer questions. Then I would have to make adaptations as we went to best suit my students. Each night, I would go over my notes for the day, check any class work or homework, review what I had already planned for the following day, and make any needed adjustments. On some occasions, the only adjustments needed were small such as making some activities last longer or reviewing a few more problems with the class. Some occasions required me to push back what I had planned for the following day and do some reviewing with my students. In any case, it was very obvious to me that being a reflective teacher who evaluates his/her progress is essential to being an effective teacher. I intend to continue to be a learner as well as a teacher during my entire career. Only then can I be a truly great teacher.

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